Summer time reading

July is full of heat, ice-cold lemonade and family vacations.  I am sure there are other nice things about July--like this.  If you live in DFW, however, you will remember the 30+ days of above 100 degrees!  And, if you are a reader of this blog you might remember some of what I am about to tell you. 

After celebrating 10,000 hits last month, we are now pushing 13,000.  Great job, everyone!  Again, your reward will be in heaven.  I am glad you are reading, and hope you will continue. 

So, in the month of Julighter (get it?  hot? flame?), here are the posts that the mosts hits:

5) In three plus years of sermon recording at Oak Haven, we have only had a few digital mishaps.  July had one of them.  All that happened was a file was not loaded correctly.  Consequently, the second sermon in our Family Matters series is a bit truncated.  That did not stop it from coming in at #5--Family Matters: Trust What God Provides

4) There is no word if the participants from our next post are still aching a bit.  Who could blame them if they were.  The residents of the Clark Retirement Community impressed us all with their moves last month.  And, they came in as our fourth post. 

3) Mommas don't let your babies grow up to be pastors.  'Nuff said.

2) This post dates back a few months, but received some renewed attention in July.  You remember the pastor who told his congregation, "F you."  Well, that is not exactly how the story goes.  He encouraged his congregation to tell each other, "F you."  Oh, please watch the video and remember well with me.

1)  Sure, tell me it was about the kids.  Tell me you just wanted to see their bright faces.  I am sure you did, and I am sure the final part of our VBS video did not bother you either!  The post that received the most views in July was our VBS finale.  It included a video of our last day at VBS, which included a joyous celebration that included the July heat, a trashbag, a willing pastor and a chocolate-cream pie.  First place?  I bet you are proud of yourself.

Okay, we shall see what happens in August.  So cool, my friends. 

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