Pastor Says F You

In every sermon there is the hope that something in the hearer (and preacher) will change. We call it transformation. The expectation is that when scripture is presented and the call of God is made clear, God's Spirit moves in us, inspires us, to transform some part of our life. Every sermon at least one thing. Remember that.

I am sure most of the people in this next video had something changed. That's important to state because I realize this might not appeal to everyone. However, as an illustration and attention-getter, chances are every time one of these church goers hear something like, "F you," chances are they will remember something about this sermon. "What did pastor say the new F word was?" "Forgiveness. Okay."

That said, what do you think about this video?

I'll apologize if you're offended. F me. Stay blessed...john

2 Responses :

I agree John. If people listen to the sermon, they will here the pastor say what the new f word is which is forgive. I have seen people criticize him for his presentation but they post n remember the sermon. Well, that is proof that his sermon was effective because the title baits you to go to the video n watch it which is where you get hooked. Who gets hooked? Not the church folk because they are churched but pookie n them who haven't stepped foot in the church may listen n be able to receive it. Funny thing is the critics have posted this video n I haven't seen any posts of their own pastors sermons. So, which was more effective? His church celebrated because they know the pastor's intent and character. This pastor gave over 25,000 in gas not to the church but the community. This pastor had also, with his church bought a family a home. I mean......lets pray before we judge a man's works. If the devil uses people to say the s word is bad, (u just thought about a curse word), but salvation is not bad not is forgiveness. Do a paradigm shift n get out if the worlds system.

john said...

Thanks, Gohard4Christ. And I think it is also important to recognize this pastor knows his church. I know mine. This might not go over very well in my congregation. So, how could I make the forgiveness idea stick like he was able to (hopefully).

Stay blessed...john