Music Monday: Your Guitar Hero Choice

Normally, some song gets stuck in my head and I want to make sure it gets stuck in yours, too.  That is just the kind of guy I am.  So, I look for a video and post it Monday morning.  Or, sometimes I come across something I want you to check out, something I think you will enjoy or appreciate.  Today we have a little bit of both.

Who am I to make you choose what to listen to today?  You should be able to decide which song you want to hear over and over.  You are all growed up.

So, for our Music Monday selection I offer you this: Guitar Heroes--Legendary Craftsmen from Italy to New York.

Click on the link and you have at least your next 30 minutes of music all lined up.  There is a little something we all can get in to.  Oh, and do you know which one of the selections is actually part of our United Methodist Hymnal?  The first person to figure it out chooses are next Music Monday selection.

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