There you go forgiving again!

Some thought it was a wonderful sermon.  Others thought, "It wasn't your best."  What a wonderful mix.  And to think it was the sermon I almost did not preach.  On my calendar I had scheduled a guest preacher.  That is my calendar, and not necessarily the calendar of others, apparently.

I had not been in contact with said guest preacher all week, but assumed everything was in order.  Just to be sure, I did not include specific information for the bulletin.  Also, just to be sure, I went in a little early Sunday morning and wrote out a few things.

Well, the guest preacher, as it turned out, was me.  And here is that sermon. It's about forgiveness and stuff--so, I can understand if you do not want to listen.

++If you are reading by email, click here to listen to the sermon.++

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