Why are we so busy?

Our church is small.  We have gone with the mantra: We can't do everything; so do something.  With that said, I believe it is important for all of us to understand why we fulfill our ministry obligations.  I do not want our church to be filled with busy work or programs that are designed to make the designers feel good about themselves.  I want ministry groups and activities to be about the gospel.  And I think the congregation wants that as well.  More work just for the sake of doing something is not ministry.

So, I would like us to think about some of the things we do and ask ourselves why we do them.  If we cannot find an answer that involves the gospel, it might be time to do some retiring.  That is hard work, but I think intriguing, rewarding and, most of all, faithful work.  That is also helpful in determining what we do next as a church--not just asking what we can do, but why we would want to do it.  Again, we are looking for gospel answers here.

What ministries in your church relate most to the gospel?  Are there any you think need to reconsider their purpose?  Maybe that is your homework for today.

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