Will work for sermons

This reporter reminded me of something.  He is showing us the ease with which a car thief can work.  Watch and see.

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Well, that is not what he reminded me of.  No, thankfully he brought to light a terrorizing issue.  You see, we have all heard them.  Some of us are guilty of using them.  You know what I am talking about: The sermon illustration that didn't work.  You may want to sit down and have this talk with your children.

What you have to realize is the preacher thought it sounded good.  It worked on paper.  Not only that, the illustration book promised, guaranteed it would rock the house and bring the gospel to the hearts of the congregation.  That is not how it worked out, is it?

Sometimes illustrations just do not connect.  They fall through, or say something different than what was implied.  It happens.  Thankfully, though, most illustrations work well.  So, comment your experience with bad sermon illustrations and/or sermon illustrations that actually worked.

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