AnotherNote from | John Fletcher

AnotherNote from | John Fletcher

All you need in your life right now is another weekly email, and that is exactly what I am giving you.  Beginning in September our church will send out a weekly email update. It will include important reminders and information about Oak Haven's upcoming events.

You'll notice the emails do not say they are coming from the church.  At least for now, I thought it would be important for me to send these out.  The goal is to share these updates with more of our new people and those outside the church.  Obviously, you do not have to be new to receive them or get anything out of them.  I think there is something about having the pastor, which in the case is me, personally write these emails that will go a long way in making positive connections.

So, if you are in the Irving area, or just like to keep up with random churches, why not sign up today?  

As a side note, this mailing list is totally separate from the blog.  I used the Another aspect of the blog because people from our congregation know about that.  This list is to inform people about what our church is doing, not to say I will not throw an anotherjohn.com link in every now and then.

Finally, would you be willing to help us by passing this on?  I would appreciate feedback.  Answers to questions like: What kind of information should be included?  What should not be included?  How clear are the updates?  What is the likelihood someone from outside the church might read and be interested in participating.  Thank you in advance, and I look forward to hearing from you.

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