Church destroyed by technology?

Recently I attended a worship service I felt relied too much on its technology.  I am sure the people who attended appreciated the technology, and it is probably a big reason why they are there.  And, the church seemed to specifically target a populace that would normally not find itself at church.  So, I do not knock the participants, and not even the technology, necessarily.  I have a lot of questions for the church leadership, though, because it seems like the push for thematic worship "experiences" creates a dependence on technology to foster an experience. 

The service, though, got me wondering--as did this link on "10 hobbies destroyed by technology."  I had not thought of the 9th hobby. 

People talk a lot about technology's place in worship and church life.  This is nothing new.  We have seen, however, more and more churches seeking ways to incorporate technology.  If your church has or is trying to do that: Are there areas that have been negatively impacted?  In what ways has technology hindered the spiritual life of the church, if it has?  Or, in what ways is technology used in beneficial ways in your church? 

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