World's first senior citizen lipdub!

Watch out, Michael.  You energize old people.

This video is described at the world's first senior citizen lipdub. It appeared on the Today Show recently. In what has to be the best display of retirement community organization I have ever seen, residents of Clark Retirement Community participated in a Michael Buble lipdub.

"What is a lipdub?" you ask. Well, pretend you're back in front of the mirror with your hairbrush in hand. You cannot help but break out into a full dance routine as you sing your favorite song. A libdub is sort of like that, but without you actually singing. Yes, you may make a Milli Vanilli joke now.

According to the UM Portal, this retirement community has a tie to the United Methodist Church.
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Okay, friends, you can now plan your next lipdub. No camera required.

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