My Predictions Are Guaranteed!

You are about to read another bold prediction from another religious leader:

I guarantee you something amazing is about to happen!

Well, it may not be amazing to you, but it is for me.  You won't find this announcement on any billboards or buses, and I highly doubt there will be any come-to-Jesus moments because of it.  Then again, who knows? Within the next week--see how precise I am--this little blog that could, yes anotherjohn.com, will pass 10,000 page views.  That prediction is less likely than others to stir controversy.  And I know that 10,000 is a small number compared to others, but so what?

This blog began as a small way for the congregation I was serving to connect outside of Sunday morning.  With over 600 posts I think it served its purpose, and continues to do the same. In the last couple of months the amount of page views has steadily increased.  Welcome aboard, new readers!  Now that I have no more class work to complete--only internship and commissioning material--I am able to write more.  That said, as we move into the 10,000+ era there are two specific goals I have:

      1) Create more posts that generate dialogue from readers.
      2) Allow for others to guest post.

That means I need to think deeper and write better, and you need to comment.  We do have email readers, which is something I never thought of when the blog first began.  How do we incorporate their statistics into our celebration?  Perhaps creating a larger email base should be another goal.  Apparently, considering our milestone, someone is reading.  All these goals, then, involve you.  So, I hope I can anger you enough to join the discussion, or encourage you enough to do the same. 

Finally, I thought I would share with you the five posts that have received the most page views.  They are not anything theological or world-changing.  I would have hoped for others to make the list, but you take what you can get: 

I'll do my best to make sure more posts with more content make the next list--does this post count?  You do your best to keep reading.  

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