Why does Jim give?

Some pastors talk about money all the time. Others tend to shy away from it. Still others claim to have a decent balance when it comes to money talk. Me? I probably do not address it enough in my sermons. My concentration is on showing people the joy of living like God wants. So, I talk about giving in more general terms, giving of time, self, etc. Of course, money is a part of that too and I do my best to remind our congregation of that.

But that is just it. Money is only a part of it. I understand you need financial resources to do ministry. Money keeps the A/C running; cash buys office supplies; checks even help pastors live. Obviously, or then again maybe it is not so obvious, there are many other more rewarding things churches do with money, but you know what I am getting at.

I appreciate our United Methodist membership vows.  When someone becomes a member of our church they vow to support the church by their prayers, presence, gifts (money), service and witness to Christ.  That pretty much covers all areas of life.  Now, not everyone who attends church is a member.  So, it becomes even more important to emphasize those.  And that is what I try to do.  In my perfect world I never have to prepare a stewardship sermon.

Still, giving is a topic that needs to be addressed.  Jim, I think, helps us look at some important aspects of giving.  Watch the video below and tell me what you think.

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