Shake It Up Cafe Finale

Today we finished another Vacation Bible School.  We worked with our friends from the Trietsch Memorial Uth Kwoir; it was a lot of fun, and a blessing all wrapped into one week.  This year the children brought canned food items that we will donate to Irving Cares, and they brought in money that we will offer to Imagine No Malaria.  They brought in over 100 cans of food.  There was also just over $100 collected, and the deal was for every $100 collected I would take a pie to the face.

I did get to choose the flavor of the pie.  Make a mental note: Pie in the face in best when done with chocolate cream pie.  Let me guess; you probably want to see the evidence.  Well, then this video is for you.  The pie action begins around the ten minute mark.

++If you are reading by email, click here to view my kids land a pie in my face.++

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So, VBS season has come to a close. How was your VBS? What did your church do special this year?  I still have pie in my ear!

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