The Most Interesting People in the World

You have seen the commercials, and, I hope, have laughed along. The Dos Equis market genius The Most Interesting Man in the World is loved by many people. And what is not to love?

  • He’s won trophies for his game face alone.
  • He is the life of parties he has never attended
  • If he were to punch you in the face, you’d have to fight off the urge to thank him.

This man's claims to fame are so outrageous, they are too funny not to appreciate. How in the world could anyone fit such a description? I find myself trying to imagine someone doing what is being described: How would someone bowl overhand?

That is, though, why he is the most interesting man in the world. And, according to yesterday's sermon, that is why we, as the church, are the most interesting people in the world. As Christians, we are called to live a life that would make most people scratch their heads. That whole loving, feeding and caring for your enemies thing is pretty outrageous. Yet, that is what we are called to do and to be.

When Peter's idea of what Jesus' ministry and life should look like did not correspond to such a calling, Jesus told him to, "Get behind me, Satan." So, the question for us, then, is: In what ways does our life not correspond to the gospel of Christ?  Yesterday we used Paul's list in Romans 12 as a basis for what constitutes our interesting lives.

Have a listen and tell me what you think:
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