What's In Your Kindle?

My kids read better than I do. I’ve done my job! I read a few choose-your-own-ending stories as a kid. The demise of the Autobots was all my fault! How could I handle all that pressure? Consequently, I didn’t start reading regularly until about 8 years ago. Now, it’s something I don’t see how I could do without.  Gloria has a house rule: Keep your books at the office. 

Some time ago, I read my first audio book. That was okay. Being able to write and highlight on pages, though, is something I need. Last week, for my mini-semester, I purchased my first two e-books. I downloaded them from Amazon and used the Kindle for PC application to read them. My laptop is not a Kindle. So, I recognize I may be missing some of the experience, but I’m not sure where I stand with them. You can highlight and write in notes.

That is helpful, but it’s just not the same. Please don’t let me sound like the old guy who can’t stand all that loud music. However, it seems so strange not to count my pages earned read, and focus on percentages. I was never good at math. I’ll probably try to download some other books to see if I can get used to them. Also, as a young minister people have always been able to pass on their used books.  How will they do that with e-books?

What have been your experience(s) with e-books? What am I missing?

Stay blessed…john
What are you reading in 2011?

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I got a kindle for Christmas and have really enjoyed it. I have an iPhone and the screen is too small to read a paragraph and see how a thought progresses from beginning to end.

I am most impressed with the compilation of notes, which is kept on a file on your kindle app and online at kindle.amazon.com. That's a time-saver and pretty awesome!

john said...

So, your notes are accessible away from the actual e-book? They are all in one file?

That sounds good. Thanks. Stay blessed...john