Let's Listen to a Book

What are your impressions of audio books? Up to now I have never heard one. However, I recently downloaded my first audio book. The driving factor was the cost; it was free.

I’ve made reference to John Acuff's website before (stuffchristianslike.net). Along with countless other people I have been a reader probably since the website was launched. His writing is not only funny, but quite able to speak to a lot of what is quirky about our faith, or about those of us in our faith. Here are just a few titles of what John knows we Christians like: Saying "I'll pray for you" then not, Chik-Fil-A, The "everyone is on vacation, anything goes" church service. (AKA tomorrow), and Avoiding Your Favorite Christian Radio Station Like the Plague During Share-a-Thon Week.

With the release of the Stuff Christians Like book, Zondervan and Arcuff has made an audio version of the book available for download for free (I heard about it from Hacking Christianity).  You can download it here free for the month of April.  I’ll probably get started hearing my book this Thursday.

A few questions I have are: How will I take notes? What will replace my underlines, exclamation marks and LoLs. I’ll let you know what happens. At least I'm starting with a work I know I will enjoy.  Stay blessed…john

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