Today is the observance of Martin Luther King's birthday.  Most of you know what I think of his work and ministry.  His courage and faithfulness are what I hope I can have when I need them.

So, in that light, today's Music Monday features MLK.  Let me tell you a little bit about this.  Last semester I took a class entitled Evil, Suffering and Death in the New Testament.  It was a great class.  In lieu of a final exam we had a creative project.  On the first day of class the professor told us to find a way to "express yourself" with regards to the subject matter.  My initial project idea didn't fly real well: I was to turn over chairs and tables and scream. Some people just aren't as creative as I am.

I bounced around a few other ideas and ended up with a song.  Other students presented great art pieces, short stories, poems and even a wonderful musical arrangement.  For my topic--based largely on what I took away from this book--I decided to do something that I would have paid attention to 15 years or so ago.

My project was a rap that presented The Powers at work in the lives of two people.  Both don't realize how the other suffers, thinking their own situations are more strenuous.  Consequently, there is a divide between them.  The title is "Take It Away."  Both people in the song conclude they will keep living in a fog or someone else's lie until somebody takes it away.  The main point is that their lives have already been taken away.  Their situation is not what God has set up.  That's what The Powers do.

This is where MLK comes in.  He was all about making things more like God wants them.  In that process, however, many people can turn on each other.  That doesn't help, and only furthers our divide.

Give it a listen.  Considering The Powers That Be, are there areas of your life that have been taken away?  What do you think?  Stay blessed...john

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