Preach, Preacher, Just Not Again

Do not be so quick to throw away that calendar. You can use it again in a few short years—you Justin Beiber fans will be sorry. In fact, find out exactly when your old calendar will be perfectly fitted to lead you through the year by clicking here:When Can I Reuse This Calendar?

People recall events; they remember being a part of the event either by being there, listening or hearing the news. They can tell you how exciting it was to witness the Memorial Day Miracle, the joy in seeing the fall of the Berlin Wall or the terror of 9-11. Of course, there are many more events people recall that may or may not be as significant. Who can forget Uncle Charlie at the Family Reunion (Note: I don’t have an Uncle Charlie)?

As I understand it, a sermon is an event. It is something that happens within a faith community. We can say, then, there are sermon-events that are joyous, convicting, inspiring and everything else in between. The sermon as an event belongs to the community, usually a church, to which it was first given. That is not to say that it cannot belong to a larger community, say the church, but there is something about being a part of the event that makes it meaningful.

Who is this guy anyway?
However, even the best sermons I have heard—when I was a part of the event—sound a little different if I hear them again. Of course, that doesn’t take away from their meaning or inspiration, but it makes me wonder. When, if ever, is it appropriate to re-use a sermon? Didn’t John Wesley say he threw all his sermons away after seven years? That implies re-usage, doesn’t it? I’ve preached more than one worship service on a Sunday morning before, but other than that I’ve never preached a sermon twice. I’m not sure I would want to, but I’m not sure that means there isn’t any value in doing so either.

Which sermons would you repeat, or want to have repeated? Is it a practice, or just something that is done every once in a while?  What would be the reason for using a sermon again? Preachers, don’t tell me you ran out of time! I’ve heard sermons repeated and I can say there are certainly some that would be worth repeating. What about you? Do you notice if your preacher(s) offers an old event? How might that be beneficial, or not? Preachers, under what circumstances would you, if you would, re-ruse a sermon?

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve a sermon to write. Stay blessed…john

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