The Holy Gift Exchange

So, another first item of the year to scratch off--the first sermon of 2011. I can also scratch this year's first game of Ultimate Frisbee. We played two rounds with our youth yesterday. I'm playing the third round today...
Oh, my neck, my back, my neck and my back. Oh, I want $150,000, but we can settle out of court right now for twenty bucks.

Bonus points for those of you who didn't have to Google that line to know which movie it came from.

Yesterday's sermon was about our gifts. I didn't bring home the point like I think I wanted to, but only time will tell. Our gifts are those things God has made us good at that we can give/use to help spell out the mystery of the Gospel: organizing, listening, art, mechanics, communicating, reading, singing, etc, etc

When was the last time you took a "Gifts and Talents" survey? Well, that's too long. The UMC has one that you can make use of: Spiritual Gifts. These are like the MBTI of church membership, but they can be useful.

All that to say, "Here is the sermon from yesterday." Have a nice day. Stay blessed...john

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