Under the Oak: February 2011

Technically, this is the second newsletter of the year.  However, last month's edition never made it to the copy machine.  With everything else I was doing then to put a few hours into the newsletter would have been the tipping point for me.  No worries.  We are back on track.

I threw the idea out (in the newsletter) about transitioning to a purely digital copy of the newsletter.  The idea is not that we would be unwilling to print out some copies, but that our main forms of distribution would be through email, website, Facebook and Twitter.  There are obvious advantages: price; time; ease, to name a quick few.

So, what do you think?  Is forgoing the printed newsletter a good idea for a church?  What are some other advantages, disadvantages or other deal makers/breakers?  I would appreciate your input. 

You can view the newsletter below, or by clicking this link: Under the Oak: February 2011
Stay blessed...john

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