That'll Preach

There's a common phrase preachers use: That'll preach.

Typically, someone shares a story, illustration or saying. Maybe it's a story from the headlines or just some observation. Since preachers are always looking for ways to connect their sermons together, these stories become valuable. Maybe the preacher hasn't decided if she/he would use the illustration; maybe the preacher doesn't know how she/he would use the story. What is sure, though, is that it would preach.

These stories are good because they need extra explaining. They can be told and the link to whatever spiritual theme(s) can almost automatically be applied by any listener, or will help drive the point home.

I watched the video below and thought, "That'll preach."

A Mystery: Why Can't We Walk Straight? from NPR on Vimeo.

Now, you've seen the video. I'm not using it anytime soon, but that doesn't mean you can't. What spiritual message could you take from this video?

Stay blessed...john

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