Top Christian Best-Selling Books of 2010

I got this picture from Hyatt's blog.  Is that bad?
Michael Hyatt is the Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of Thomas Nelson Publishers.  I subscribe to his blog and have benefited from a lot of what he has had to say from time to time.

Wednesday he posted the top 100 best-selling Christian books of 2010.  The number one was Jesus Calling.  I haven't read that one, but was surprised to see I have read 15 of the selections.  Michael acknowledges the limitations of the list; it is still interesting to see the titles.  Some are classics that keep on selling.  Others are workbooks of popular books, and there are even some Bibles on there!

As I learned from this post, some of us find it difficult to impress our friends with tiny, empty bookcases.  Oh, we are so not shallow!  So, how many books from the list have you read, or are planning to read?  Which ones would you have thought to see? 

Stay blessed...john

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