Behind the Pulpit

Okay, I'm giving you unlimited access here.  This is probably a place many of you have never gone before--behind the pulpit!  That's right, uncut.  I didn't take time to tidy the place up.  There she is full of pens, dated bulletins and candy wrappers all for the world to see.  And is that really a bottle of hand sanitizer when standing up people will see because it's too tall?

So, what's behind your pulpit?  Take a peek and see.  You might be surprised. 

Speaking of getting behind the pulpit, I am looking for liturgists.  We have two individuals that have taken that role and done a great job.  Having different liturgists is a great way to introduce the church to other people, and is a valid way to participate in the life of our church. 

Let this be your invitation Oak Havenites, or your push to volunteer one Sunday at your church.  Stay blessed...john

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