Now Christmas is Over

The twelve days of Christmas have come and gone.  Today is Epiphany, the ending of the Christmas season.  There is so much stress surrounding Wal-Mart's Christmas season.  I'm not picking on them; I worked there for five years.  Instead, I'm thinking about the whole commercial aspect of Christmas.

The church's Christmas?  Since Christmas Eve we've been celebrating God's light into the world.  No stress.  Our true love gave us everything we need to live faithfully in this world.  We don't have to worry about what to   get Sister Sally or Brother Bill.  We can just celebrate. Yes, now you have to take down the Christmas decorations.  If not, people accuse your neck of being a different color than most others.

But don't stop celebrating.  In fact, here is your how-can-I-keep-from-singing final Christmas 2010 celebration song.  Thanks, Henrietta and Merna for the joy. You enjoy this video; I have a Bible study to go to today. Stay blessed...john

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