What's Your Sermon Count?

Let’s talk about sermons (not those). Specifically, let’s make mention of the sermons those Chosen ones at Oak Haven hear each Sunday—mine. I was somewhat surprised, but of course grateful, when I noticed recently our sermon count. As some of you know, in addition to being posted on this site, the church’s weekly sermons are available at www.oakhavenumc.org. I’ve told you before about the sermon player we use. It is great; I can’t personally do it right now, but if you’re interested you might consider a gift to help support all the work they do.

How many sermons have you heard?
Our sermons date back to just about when we came to Irving.  There are obviously some missing in that time. Technology is great, but sometimes it doesn’t do exactly what you want, and sometimes I just ran out of time! In all, as I write now, there are 58 sermons available online. They have been played 2,351 times (2-comma-three-five-one). Now, some churches can sneeze sermon counts that high, but this is the place they used to call The Little Country Church in the City. That’s a lot of plays, if you ask me. Some sermons have been heard as few as 3 times (thanks, Mom!), with the highest at 58. So, if I did my math correctly, that is approximately 40 plays per sermon.

Here is what I think is best about it. For the most part, I’m not convinced the people sitting in Oak Haven’s pews are doing the listening. Why on Earth would they do that to themselves? Of course, there are those that occasionally tell me they listened after they missed a Sunday. That’s good in and of itself. For the most part, however, I’m pretty sure these are others that either came across our website or may have visited before.

Regardless, I am pleased our church is able to connect this way. So, keep listening and sharing with others and we’ll keep posting.

I’m curious. What sermon topics would be beneficial for some of you? I would like to do a series related to your questions.  Let me know. Stay blessed…john

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