Not Your Momma's Fundraiser

No one looks forward to the Summer time youth car wash when it's 107 degrees outside.  And now that school is back in session churches will be looking for that oh-so-impressive, this'll rake in the dollars FO SHO fundraiser.  Well...you've come to the wrong place.  First, I don't like fundraisers (church fundraisers).  Also, this idea just isn't one I would want to get tied up in.  But you might be looking for a new way to put your best foot forward.  So, tell me what you think of In-Souls.

Incidentally, someone who goes to Oak Haven told me about a church he knew of that built a step to the pulpit with a Bible enclosed.  That way when the preacher said he was preaching on the Word of God he wouldn't be lying.

Stay blessed...john


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