Mathews' Mission

I have to confess; I was not familiar with the ministry of Bishop Mathews.  During the summer I took a UM History course.  One of the reading assignments was Matthews' autobiography entitled A Global Odyssey.  At first, the just under 500 page book seemed like another daunting addition to a course book list.  However, I was glad I read it.  I can't imagine living a life full of accomplishments and experiences that would require that many pages.

But that was the life of Bishop Mathews.  Last week Bishop Mathews died at the age of 97.  Read an article about Mathews here.  I would recommend reading the book.  It was interesting for me to read how someone whose life was lived in complete Christian mission reflected on his experiences. 

As it turns out, I may have been the only person in class to answer the one essay question about the bishop.  I'm glad I had a chance to know of his witness. 

Stay blessed...john

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