A Rain on My Parade

I am grateful for the rain.  We needed it.  Our water was tasting funny and our grass was suffering, etc.  Of course, with rain comes flooding, car accidents and endless newscasts about them.  That is so frustrating.  We watch local news in the morning as we are getting ready for the day.  When it rains like it has the past two days there is nothing else worthy of reporting.  Some people probably appreciate that.  I don't.

Rain falling on streets doesn't constitute shocking video coverage.  Thank you for letting me know it is raining.  Thank you for warning me about flash flooding and thank you for the up to the minute rain gauge reports. 

Rant over.

This reminded me of a video from the Ellen DeGeneres Show.  It's funny, and will most likely make you laugh.  So, only watch it if you need to.  Enjoy.  Stay blessed...john

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