I'm Just Asking

A few weeks ago I was introduced to someone as the pastor of Oak Haven. The eyes of the person told me very quickly there was a connection to the church. “I grew up in that church” was the reply. This individual shared family memories of being an active part of Oak Haven in years past. It was a surprise to both of us, I think, the opportunity to share this conversation had occurred.

Before I took my place the person asked me one question, “Is that church growing?” There was something very important in knowing the answer for that person.

Of course, there is something important for us in knowing the answer as well. So, what do you think? Is Oak Haven growing? What does it mean for a church to be growing? Are we growing like we think God is calling us to? These are just a few questions I like to make sure to include in the growing church discussion.

I was there; so, I know what my response was. What about you? Let’s hear what you think. Leave a comment to answer the important question. Try your best to go past yes or no. If you think so, tell why. If you don’t think so, tell why. Tell us how you would like to see Oak Haven grow.

This should be fun. So fun in fact next Sunday we are beginning a 7-week sermon series entitled Is That Church Growing?  I would appreciate your thoughts as I prepare for this series.

Stay blessed…john

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