Hello from Perkins

Hello from Irving, TX. We have been here for just over two weeks now. Our house is in order, my office is getting there (I forgot I had all that stuff) and that little GPS device has sure come in handy around here (for getting around and a nice newsletter illustration). It’s been a time of figuring out what that light switch goes to and what’s the best drive to school. Okay, so they don’t use trash bins here and the traffic is horrible, but all in all our new home seems quite nice.

Last week all of us took a trip to SMU. The kids thought it was pretty cool--especially the Wave. Gloria recalled the many times she visited the campus when her mother was at Course of Study. I purchased my books for the semester and began reading for an orientation on Friday. A couple of classes have already posted the course work for the semester. So, I have used this week to get a head start on reading (because you know I’m going to need). My mind is completely set on the work ahead. There was a little trembling with my final course at UTSA (that would have been awkward). All obligations to UTSA have been fulfilled! Classes at Perkins began today.

This week has provided a great deal of time for reflection about ministry, the church and the call to discipleship for me. I am sure many of our clergy have had much of the same opportunities. This move seemed especially difficult as it involved a great deal of personal friendships and ties. So far, the moving thing hasn’t gotten easier.

It will be interesting, at least for me, to watch how that changes over the years. I’ve been told on several occasions: “John, you’re what every church wants.” It’s not me, but my age, family situation (stability), my family and even the fact that I kind of know what I am doing. How, if at all, will that change when I’m not as young as I think I am now? So many people have always thought it was refreshing to see a young person doing what I have been. What about when it’s just Gloria and I? There’s not doubt my children play a role in our connections we’ve made in our churches. My prayer is that it wouldn’t be too much different.

With all the difficulty we’ve had (the good kind of difficulty, if that makes sense?) in our last two moves, we wouldn’t trade them for anything. One led to the other and then to something else to look forward to. We are Irvingites, Irvingneans or whatever it’s called. Things are a little bit different around here. But God is God and His mercy endures forever.

Stay blessed…john

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Hello and welcome to DFW!