Friends' Mug on a Mug

Some of you are on Facebook and/or Twitter way too much.  Yes, I understand and appreciate what these sites offer.  I use them and have made sure Oak Haven does as well.  If, however, your first waking act and last moments before bedtime and as often as you can in between are spent adding to your list of likes, then you might be a facebook glutton.  Sorry, someone had to break it to you. 

However, instead of just going cold turkey you can find ways to find a little freedom here and there.  For example, you could try ordering a Friends Social Mug.  This site retrieves profile pics of your friends and adds them to a collage that is used for your mug.  So, as you drink your coffee throughout the day you can feel like you're still connected, and it won't even matter that your best friend just changed their profile pic. 

Stay blessed...john

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