What have I walked into?

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Our life and our Christian faith is often called a walk.  We speak of the Christian walk, and remind ourselves that we walk the straight and narrow.  Remember Jesus' words?  "Follow me," he said.  Those are great words inviting us to walk alongside a great God.  Some of us even sing, "Just a closer walk with thee."  We want our walk to mean something.

We also recognize that our walk can be difficult.  At times we do not feel like walking.  Are we even walking the right way?  Could we walk with someone else?  God, following you takes a great deal of effort and walking. 

Friends, I want to encourage you to keep walking.  I know walking can be tiresome, but keep walking.  Do not let troubles, frustration, confusion or anything else keep you from walking.  If you are feeling like it is time to stop this walk, maybe you should change your walk up a bit.  Maybe you need to skip a little, lighten up.  Perhaps this should be a time of rest for you in your walking.  Your walk would benefit from a rest; we call that sabbath.  Do not think you are giving up walking.  No, you just want your walk to be better--let it be, dear Lord, let it be.

Keep walking!  And now I must find a Veggie Tales video.

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