A bit over dramatic?

When is it okay to be a bit over dramatic?  
Husbands, if you love your life, bite your tongue!

I came across these over dramatic road signs recently, and thought you might get a kick out of them.  You can view the rest here.  

There came a time in my sermon writing career that I realized popping out sermons was more difficult than I originally thought.  People have always asked me if I ever get nervous when I preach.  Unfortunately, I do not.  I should because this is pretty big business we are talking about.  However, I can recall some of the very first times I preached.  I did not know enough to be nervous; I just got up there and opened my big mouth.  Now that I know a little more I am so accustomed to opening my big mouth that it sort of comes naturally.

The point, though, when I realized writing sermons should require more from me is when I realized I lived for being over dramatic in my preaching.  Once I removed that from my preaching, the sermon began to require more from me.  For example, it is easy for a preacher to be over dramatic with the sin stuff.  I can over dramtically preach the hell out of some Romans 6, baby!  Praise God if you know what I mean.  And, do not get me wrong, that needs to be done.  It is more difficult, though, to consider how to get people to continually move from death to life; that is what Paul wants us to do in Romans 6.  That is to say, many people know the wages of sin lead to death, and do not need to be reminded again, at least maybe not right now.  Instead, they need someone who is willing to show them what God's life for us looks like, and perhaps how to get there. 
A great sermon points out what is obvious about who we are, and who we are supposed to be as God's people. But please kill some of the over dramatic stuff.  I want a sermon not a holy TLC moment.  I know it is a good idea not to high speed it in my wheelchair towards a crocodile.  So, isn't this sign a bit over dramatic? 

I hope our preachers can do a better job of painting the gospel picture than this.  Have you heard any sermons lately you thought were over dramatic?  Any of mine?  Do tell.

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