Another linkdump, July 8, 2011

So, you have been working all day, and you still have so much to put up with.  Don't you just wish this would make everything okay.

And you thought your first day on the job had some kinks? Take a look at some of these Rookie initiations and be thankful.

By now we have all heard the lecture on the difference between the things we want versus the things we need.  Now, maybe this more or less can liven up that speech.

I really want one of these; no, I do not need them, but I would really enjoy having one.  And, to be clear, I really do not need a toast tattoos? (+link)

It's your bike and it's your name.  Now, they come together.  It's like writing a bike.

Do old people only love Jesus? This guy says he is young, like Jesus, but still: Blessed are the uncool churches.

Finally, what are you really afraid of

We all know women can't park, right?

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