A small big and tall guy

Someone once asked me why I do what I do.  My answer in a minute.  First, however, I have to think about what it is I do.  What is a pastor's job?  Every time I think about a pastor's job I always think about Eddie from Barbershop.  At one point in the movie Eddie takes over a shave from one of his younger colleagues.  Eddie proceeds to offer the customer a clean shave, and in the process give everyone else a good ol' days history lesson.  Part of his lecture includes his understanding of what a barber is supposed to be, or at least what a barber used to be.

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Many people would probably same very similar things about being a pastor. In fact, many people probably expect their pastor(s) to be all these things and much more.  Of course, that is easy to see why.  A lot of times ministers do everything they can for people.  The question is whether this is a pastor's job.

I cannot recall where I read it, but someone wrote that it is not the pastor's job to be someone's marriage ref, family therapist or guidance counselor.  That surprises people.  "What on earth are they good for then?" you may ask.  A pastor's ultimate job is to direct or redirect people to God.  Young people, old people, church people and not-so-church people; all of us need to be pointed to God.  Now, often that is what an ailing marriage needs, and the pastor may be one to help recognize that.  Again, maybe a struggling family needs to be reminded of God's will for them, and again that pesky pastor should be there to help.  Keep in mind, though, what your pastor is trying to do: point you to God.  Pastors would do well to remember that, too.  It can feel a little empowering to know people call on you first when they are in trouble.  Pastor friends: Get over it!  They called you first because you were cheaper.

So, what is is that I do?  I point people to God, that is what I do.  It also helps me to think of it this way: I am a little person doing a big God's work.  Let me explain.  Shopping for clothes is weird for me.  Style is not the issue.  I have since moved on from the illustrious call of rayon shirts and Dickies slacks.  No, what is difficult for me is that I am a little big guy.  A lot of people think I am a bigger guy, but bigger guys know I am still smaller than they are.  So, big and tall clothes tend to be a tad larger than is necessary, and it is often slim pickings for my actual size in regular people clothes.  I understand a few crunches a day and putting the sodas away might help the situation.  But does my little big man issue keep me from wearing clothes?  Thank the Lord, no!  And does being small keep me from doing God's big work.  Again, thank the Lord, no!

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I put on my clothes like a big boy and go at this big God business like crazy.  And?  Every now and then someone gets it.  Maybe it comes by way of a sermon.  It has often happened during a Sunday school class, or even after a prayer.  It is those moments when something sinks in to someone's mind and heart and they get it.  I believe those get-it moments are sacred and point us closer to God--hmmm....a pastor's real job.  What is most amazing is that I have a part in that for other people.  I can directly be involved in those wonderful moments that people's hearts are being drawn closer to God.  So, I must say, that is why I do what I do: For those moments. 

Those moments may not come as often as I would like them to, or come to people I really want them to, but I am thankful when they come nevertheless.  What about you?  Why do you do what you do?  Or, have you had a get-it moment lately?  I pray to God that you have.

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