Disciples needed

Another important thing our church needs right now is for more people to consider more greatly what the Bible is calling them to be. With that thought, I am hoping to begin a Disciple I class next month. The invitations have been sent (be praying for that, too) and the conference should be able to provide the DVDs and other material. The only thing we’re missing are the disciples. So far, 5 people have responded with a yes. So, I’ll just wait for the others.

How important is this for our church? I’m leading the class, that’s how important. Understand I have around 8 papers, 3 projects and the usual mid and final exams coming up this semester.  This is something, though, I think I need to do, no matter how difficult my schedule is. In other words I could try to pass this on to someone. But I need to be the disciple that sets an example. So, pray for me, too.

Stay blessed…john

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