Post-Christmas Wonder

I remember our family's last Christmas in Edinburg--2004, I believe.  On Christmas Day we opened presents and enjoyed some time together. It was a lot of fun.  It did not last long, though.  Within an hour of unwrapping and sharing gifts we started taken the tree down, and finished some of the last bit of packing we had to do.  We were to be in Bandera by the first of the year.  Christmas came and went very quickly for our family that year. 

So, today, I thought I would feel bad posting Sunday's sermon late.  Usually, sermons go up Monday mornings.  But, considering the topic of the sermon, I think it is almost fitting to offer it now. 

Many of us have moved on from the Christmas lights and decorations.  We have either gotten some after-Christmas shopping done, or lamented that we have not.  Yes, Christmas is behind us.  But what about the wonder, amazement and joy?  That should never leave us.  This sermon invites you to keep Christ not just in Christmas, but in every other time of our life as well.  I realize how incredibly cheesy that sounds.  God, though, never told us to get all sentimental at Christmas, or that Jesus was only with us at Christmas.  God came to be with us always; that is what we celebrate at Christmas. 

Before you drink the last bit of eggnog or hurriedly send the kids back to school, make sure you ask God to help you keep the wonder of Christmas with you.

The title of this sermon is entitled Post-Christmas Wonder.  I was wondering: Do you get the Christmas blues?  Is Christmas a tough season for you?  If so, does this sermon have any particular meaning?  Like always, I would appreciate your input.

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