Would Jimi Hendrix approve of this app?

Maybe he would set his IPAD on fire!

I'm not in love with Apple.  I have my reasons.

But don't get me wrong, I do recognize some of the strengths and merits of, let's say, the IPAD.  As a matter of fact I am addicted to a baseball game, and that makes the price of the IPAD worth every penny. ;)

Still, this looks like something worth checking out.  Has anyone used the IPAD to learn how to play an instrument?  Well, it seems you can, I suppose.  While I do not know how efficient this is, it looks good in theory.

Check out this video on the Ion Audio: Learn to Play Guitar, Keyboard and Drums on your IPAD

2 Responses :

Anonymous said...

Maybe he could of answered that questions if he had chosen his path wisely, he'd still be with us.

john said...

I remember the guy from Pawn Stars commenting that Jimi Hendrix was only popular for a few years before he passed away.