But as for me and my house, we will block telemarketers

Party lines: You're doing it wrong.
Conga-like processions always come to my mind when I hear or think about party lines.   You might think about your favorite politician's stance on an issue.  Either way we would both be talking about something other than the O.G. of telecommunications.

If I have it right, as many as 10 people would share a telephone line--called a party line.  Each caller had around 5 minutes before someone was supposed to pick up their phone to make a call.  Of course, nothing could stop someone from listening to your conversation.  Thankfully, no decent-minded person would ever have done that.  Correct me if I am wrong.

While I can't imagine the annoyance of a party line, these days we have our own phone issues.  It was only a matter of time before telemarketers attacked our cell phones.  Some of us have been warning you for years. And, here we are today.  Telemarketers are finding new techniques to faithfully fulfill their interruptive duties. 

Now, I love telemarketers because I think even God does, most days.  Although, we should ask ourselves if we think God even has a cell phone.  Also, I used to be a telemarketer.  What's that?  You think I can be annoying now on Sunday mornings?  Imagine, then, getting a call from me, with my muffled voice, just when you're about to watch your favorite television drama.   I'm just glad making phone calls is nothing pastors have to do.

Still, what the telemarketers are doing is a problem.  Not like a children-are-dying problem, but more of a nuisance problem; get mad and do something now about the dying kind of problems.  And, let's remember that our headset sisters and brothers are only doing what someone else more annoying has asked them politely, with a barely minimum wage promise, to do. 

What you wanna bet these two people are texting each other?

So, I am sharing the following video for two reasons.

   1) We are not totally defenseless in the matter.  There is, at least, a little something we can do.  Most of you had never heard of party lines before today.  Maybe now we can help rid the world of one more nuisance. 

   2)  It highlights a member of our church.  And anotherjohn.com is nothing if we do not brag on our peeps!  Good job, Pam.

The news site doesn't provide an embedding code.  So, to watch the video you'll have to follow this link: Caller ID Spoofing A Growing Problem

P.S.  You should check out Pam's website: Pammy's Perfect Rubz.  Attention: No,Texas-style rubZ were exchanged for this endorsement.

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