Coffee with the boss

I'm not a coffee drinker, but if Jesus were to ask me if I'd like to have a cup with him, of course, I'd say, "Sure."  You might call that smooching up to the boss.  I might say, "So?  Look which boss it is."

There's no need to worry, though.  I doubt Jesus even likes coffee; he never did anything miraculous with water and coffee.  Still, if you have not seen Coffee With Jesus you need to.  I love when people can stab the shallow points of our faith in a direct and meaningful way.  These cartoons do that.  Here are a couple appropriate to the season.

If you read long enough you just might get offended.  I've said before if you have never been offended by Jesus then you might not have been listening to everything he had to say.  Has Jesus ever offended you?

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