Other Fish in the Sea

I had no idea the children of our church liked fishing so much!  What's funny is that most of them said they have never been fishing before. Of course, I found all this out during our children's moments yesterday at church.  All I asked was one simple question: Do you like to go fishing? From there I learned about fishing technique, equipment, the choice between live bait or dead bait, a few experiences and even the gross things about fishing.  It was probably the loudest children's moments we have had here at Oak Haven.  Some suggested they almost "got away" from me.

And, the fishing puns did not stop there--gotta love your church family.  The children, it was said, took that talk hook, line and sinker.  That sermon was a keeper.  But, as excited as the children were, I was able to reel them back. 

Jesus told his would-be disciples that he would teach them how to fish for people.  The children all agreed that would be difficult to do with a regular fishing line.  Especially, for a 'people' like me.  Huh?

What Jesus was inviting them to was a life of discipleship and service.  They responded.  We are asked to follow God, too.  Now, it's easy to follow God on Sunday, but what about the rest of the week?  That was the big question in yesterday's sermon.  It's easy to "Amen!" on Sunday, but can we say it again on Monday?
What happens to the people after you catch them?

Listen to my sermon entitled Other Fish in the Sea and let me know if it was an encouragement to you.

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