I don't want to be a candidate!

"You're crazy enough to do this." 

I am sure the psychologists that told me that had used that line with every other wannabe preacher that walked through his office.  Still, hearing that comment was one of the first steps I took toward becoming a candidate of ministry within our church. 

There was no anotherjohn.com or The Blog That Ties back then.  If I did have a blog in those days I know I would have asked you to pray with us before I went to that meeting.  So, now that I do have a blog, I can ask you to pray with us through this next step. 

This Thursday morning at 11am, I am scheduled to meet with our conference's Board of Ordained Ministry.  Among other responsibilities, this board works with and guides candidates of ministry through the candidacy process.  It is my prayer that after this meeting my candidacy will be finished and that I will be recommended by the board for commissioning in June--though not my will.....  Commissioning is the final two-year step before ordination. 

So, here's our blog and there you are reading.  Can I get you to stop reading for a moment and begin praying?  Remember me Thursday morning, especially.  I'll let you know what happened.

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