Keys to LIFE: Make Up Your Mind

Well, today you can tell all your friends that you listened to a Sunday sermon on Friday.

This was a busy week for our family.  After church on Sunday morning we packed up our things and hit the road, on a quick trip to the Galveston area.  When I got back to the office on Wednesday, I found out our annual charge conference is this Saturday.  No, you don't usually "find out" about charge conference, at least not three days before it is scheduled; there was some miscommunication.  So, I've been busy making sure everything is prepared for that meeting.  I wonder if I'll be expected to preach this Sunday.

So, all that to say, here is my sermon from last Sunday.  It is the second in our series Keys to LIFE, entitled Make Up Your Mind.  The second key to life for us is living humbly.  Now, before you think you know what that means, give this sermon a listen.  You might be a little surprised.

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On the way back from our trip Tuesday evening, I came to a wonderful conclusion. My grandfather had just passed away, and this sermon was everything I thought about him. He lived, I believe, with this kind of humility.

What are your thoughts about the sermon?

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