Ministry Celebrations, duh!

Our church added a new element to its worship service: a Ministry Celebration.  I mentioned this to you on the Groupon post.  The ministry celebration is a way to highlight various ministries within The United Methodist Church.  So far, with only two weeks worth of sharing, people have responded with some of the same positive comments we have heard before.  ~Whew.

Then I got to thinking.  Just because you are reading this does not mean you are attending church with us.  Why should you not know about what our church--The UMC--is doing?

So, each week I will share with you our Ministry Celebration.  Hopefully, it will be another reason for you to thank God.  Our first two were as follows:

   1. Bed Start.  A ministry of Custer Road UMC, Plano
   2. Wesley-Rankin Community Center, Dallas

Now, perhaps you might want to consider making this a part of your service.  Instead of telling your pastor, "Hey, let's do this" and expect her/him to do it, here are some resources you can use to compile your own list of ministry celebrations.  Go ahead and impress your pastor.

1. The UMC website is helpful in finding stories about what churches are doing, or how the larger church is in ministry throughout the world.
2. Your conference newspaper is also great to look at.  See what churches close to you are doing.  Remember that you are not in competition.  Celebrate their work with them.
3. Of course, social media has reshaped the way we can get and share information.  So, use sites like Facebook and Twitter to keep track of various denominational organizations, churches, bishops and others.
4. There is a printed resource entitled Telling our Stories that is full of ministry celebrations.
5. Friends in other churches.  As a matter of fact, are there some ministries in your church you want me to know about?
6. Do not forget about what your church is doing.

Okay, friends.  Get to celebrating!

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