Keys to LIFE: Mean It!

I told you I was working on a new sermon series entitled Keys to LIFE.  It is based on passages from the letter to the Philippians.  The first sermon in the series is "Mean It!"  Of course, I would like you to listen to the sermon.  As I told the congregation, however, I think you will find it helpful to read Philippians all the way through in one or two sittings.  So, you might want to do that first--Yes, you can do it! 

The sermon began with a reference to an article naming the 10 Happiest Jobs.  Guess which was #1?  No, I said guess.  Boy, are you feeling lazy today.  If you do not want to guess, then, read the article.  My lips are sealed, but maybe now you know why I always so happy (hint).

++If you are reading by email or news feeder, click here to listen to the sermon.++

After listening to the sermon, consider this as your next step:
Identify the “fruit” and “meaning” of the work you do, in and out of the church. How will you ensure your life becomes/remains meaningful?

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