Top posts in September

You picked them--well, at least some of you did. These were the five posts you viewed the most in September. I hope you are proud of yourself.

5) So many people are mad at Netflix for hiking up their monthly subscription. I suppose Netflix got googled quite a bit this month, and that is partly why this old Netflix Queue came in as our 5th highest viewed post.

4) Brittani really likes one of her teachers who encourages nontraditional learning styles. One of the things he encourages is listening to audio books. Although I prefer reading pages, every now and then I can have time to hear one. It looks like some took some time to listen to Jon Acuff's audio book.

3) The third post this month is a sermon. Whew! Sermons are still big around here. Here is Blessed to Bless.

2) Eventually, one of us is going to have to break down and buy this lamp. It keeps showing up on our top 5 lists. Maybe we all know the feeling of spilling milk.

1) Drumroll... Our top post this month introduces us to a game show winning pastor who did an incredible thing with his prize money.

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