You call it Sunday morning

I like this next video. It helps us realize that all our churches have worship traditions, whether we call ourselves traditional or not. Now, to be clear, I am not poking at one particular worship style. There are elements of all worship services that bother me.

For example, I detest the "Stand up if you are visiting from out of town church greeting, coupled with increasing applause volume depending on how far away you traveled to get here." Oh, and right as we are all ready to leave, does anyone want to become a member? Make it quick; we only have three verses in this next song. And please do not get me started on announcement time. I am ready to give that up all together! If I wanted to waste my breath on something that people would ignore or not listen to, I would be a preacher. Oh, wait.

Still, this video may make you think about some things. What bothers you about this video? What bothers you about your worship service?

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