Do you know a naked pastor?

No, this is not the naked pastor.
I have appreciated this man's work for a while now.  He is the naked pastor.  Have I told you about him before?  Like many people, probably, the title of his website caught my attention.  No worries; he knows the benefit of fully clothing himself and finds other means to express himself other than going nude--at least on his blog.

No, that is not the kind of naked he is talking about.  You can read part of his story here, and you should.  If I did not know where he was coming from I think his work would still great, but knowing what he has struggled with has been very inspirational to me.  His blog consists, mostly, of his cartoon artwork.  He calls himself the graffiti artist on the walls of religion.

Have you ever wondered, "What's wrong with that church?" or "I thought Christians were different?" Have you ever found our faith to be a tad more challenging than some pastor or fellow church goer made it out to be?  If so, I think you will appreciate the naked pastor, too.

My favorite piece of his is the Narrow Way, the image at the top of this post.  Here are just a few other of his cartoons (all of which you can find on his blog):

 He will be speaking at Northaven UMC in Dallas this Sunday.  I will be celebrating Brittani's 13th birthday; so, I cannot attend.  But if you are in the area you could go.  Let me know what you think. More importantly, let him know.

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