Unpacking Pentecost

Yesterday was a busy day. As usual, I was at the church by 7am. Yes, there is an important routine I follow. I led a Sunday school class with a small group; we had, I think, a great discussion. From there it was time to put on my dress and get ready for our worship service.

After our service we had our monthly luncheon, followed by an Administrative Council meeting. So, we did not leave church until around 2pm. I had to be back at the church by 3:30 to make sure everything was prepared for session #34 of Disciple 1 (I'll post on that later). At the closing of our session the group headed to Spring Creek Barbecue (Can someone inform them it is no longer good practice to allow music to blare out loud automatically when someone visits their website?)  for a dinner together. Then there was some game on that everyone wanted to watch.

That is how we roll in Irving!  In between all that I offered a week's worth of consideration to our congregation.  That offering was my sermon entitled Unpacking Pentecost.

++Click here to listen to the sermon if you are reading by email.++

Stay blessed...john

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