A Toy Sermon

I have always enjoyed watching computer animated movies ever since Toy Story.  Of course, as far as animation goes, they have only gotten better and better.  I would like to think I have seen most of the major productions, but who am I kidding?  If you have any suggestions let me know.

Now, really, who does not love Sheriff Woody? He is a great character, and Tom Hanks does a great job of bringing him to life.  Here is a recent interview with Tom Hanks about his voice overs.
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Hanks' thoughts about being in the enclosed sound room reminds me of preaching. During a sermon you see all kinds of things. Husbands nudge their wives to communicate something with their eyes. Yawns abound. I usually want to laugh when I see people do the nod back to life after a quick trip down Nap Ave. Some people "Amen" or nod and shake their heads yes and/or no with whatever is being preached. People are funny. Then after it is all over they tell you things like, "That was a great sermon." or "Thank you for that." "You were talking straight to me."

What goes through your mind as you hear a sermon?  As a sermon writer myself I often find that I am paying attention to sermon structure and accurate references.  I also count illustrations and wonder if this sermon has been preached before.  Then I tell the preacher, "That was a great sermon."

2 Responses :

that's awesome!

altho i preach, i cannot, for the life of me, focus on how people are responding. all i can see are the next few words that I am going to say. guess i'm weird.

but i've heard many pastors say that they 'people watch' while preaching. they can see the texting, the heavy eyes, etc.

john said...

I use an outline; so, I'm not too concerned with the next words. That gives me a chance to soak in the fun.

I like the title of your website. Stay blessed...john