Under the Oak for July 2011

I feel like I just did this!  We finished printing our church's newsletter a little while ago.  It seems like it was only last week I was printing and mailing last month's copy.  July is a five-Sunday month so I should get a little bit of a break.  I have been able to recruit a new newsletter team member, but I will not have them help until next month.  This newsletter business can be tough stuff.  Newsletter editors sing together:
Clip-art and photos, and VBS logos
Birthdays and telling what the choir’ll sing
These are a few of my favorite things.
I'm wondering; how much feedback do most church newsletters produce? That is part of my aim, to generate feedback, or to make people want to tell me something. To get there I include, I hope, useful information about our local church and the larger UMC. Also, I think pictures of what we are doing are very important as well, especially for readers who might happen across a copy decades from now. I have not figured out a way to provide a percentage rate, but I do get a few people here and there tell me something about each edition. Recently, people have loved the Blast From the Past special. What about your newsletter?

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Thanks for reading.

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